Merkle's 2016 Performance Marketing Executive Summit

Memphis, TN | June 7-9

Merkle's 2016 Performance Marketing Executive Summit

Since Facebook coined the term “people-based marketing” in 2014, it’s garnered massive attention, and for good reason. The ability to shift your focus from devices to the individuals using those devices offers a promise of highly targeted and relevant ad content that the marketing world has never experienced. People-based marketing creates enormous potential to simultaneously increase conversion, ROI, and the overall customer experience. The downside? It’s extremely difficult to properly implement.

Merkle’s 2016 Performance Marketing Summit has one objective: mold you into a people-based marketing virtuoso.

  • We will cover Enablement — the technology, data infrastructure, and analytics approach you need to make people-based marketing possible.
  • We will focus on Activation — how to use statistical insight to deliver personalized, optimized experiences to each customer.
  • We will discuss Transformation — the high-level customer strategy that ties it together across the enterprise and brings people-based marketing to life.

We look forward to you joining us to gain the tools and knowledge that will make your company one of the pioneers in people-based marketing. Get a feel for this year's event by viewing our highlights video from last year's Summit in Chicago.


1. Understand The Greatest Opportunity In Marketing:

The ability to directly target your ideal customers with tailored messaging has enormous ramifications for short-term sales and long-term loyalty. Get a clear vision for your company’s approach to people-based marketing. 

2. Get a Head Start on Your Competitors:

Many companies are already advertising on addressable platforms, but not all have the technology and perspective to do so effectively. Connect with your customers before your competitors to gain a decided competitive advantage.

3. Be On The Forefront Of The Hottest Trend In Marketing:

People-based marketing is being hyped everywhere you look. You’ll learn exactly how to serve the ideal experience to each customer at every interaction.

4. Identify More High-Value Prospects:

Learn to target the highest value consumers by understanding your customers’ lifetime value and identifying similar prospects. Then automate the optimization process.

5. Make Your Marketing Spend More Efficient:

By knowing more about who you’re targeting, you can streamline your audiences and your media choices, reducing wasted spend.

6. Reduce Wasteful Overlap In Channels:

Messaging should work together across channels to advance the customer journey. Learn how to avoid hitting the wrong customers with the wrong messages.

7. Network With Top-Level Marketing Execs:

You’ll spend a significant portion of your time connecting with top marketing executives from Fortune 1000 brands and leading nonprofits who are facing the same marketing challenges as you.

8. Address Your Specific Challenges:

In our guru sessions, you’ll sit down one-on-one with capability experts who can walk you through the best approach for your unique challenges.

9. Have Fun In One Of The World’s Best Cities: 

The Peabody Hotel is one of Memphis’s premier hotels, and with several fun activities in the city and a great wrap-up party, you’ll fit lots of fun in with the learning and networking.

10. Registration is Free:

Our partnerships are most effective if everyone is on the same page. We want you to be on the cutting edge, so we’ve made registration complimentary to all attendees.

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Memphis Tennessee


Built on the shores of the Mississippi River, Memphis is a city of music, food, history, and heritage. Home of the Blues, Birthplace of Rock 'n' Roll, BBQ Pork Capital of the World, Memphis has a rich and eclectic history.

  • Named a must visit destination in 2015 by the UK's Daily Telegraph & Dallas Morning News
  • Forbes included the city in a list of "10 Best Weekend Vacations" and "Top U.S. Cities with Emerging Downtowns"
  • One of a few U.S. cities to feature Google Trekker Street View images of sites including Graceland!
  • Best NBA Destination according to a USA Today survey
  • USA Today readers voted Graceland, the National Civil Rights Museum & Beale Steer as some of "America's Most Iconic Attractions"
  • The city continues to receive national press on its culinary scene beyond BBQ!

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