Client Stories

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Mobile Measurement Magic

Pointmarc provided centralized data collection management when our global media client launched a new content delivery and commerce service across multiple platforms (web, iOS native app, Android native app, and Xbox).

Migrated in 60 Days

Once upon a time, one of the world's largest retailers was spending too much time generating reports and not enough time gathering insight needed to make fast and confident data-driven decisions.

Global retailer gets cooking

Our client's family of sites are a mixing bowl of products, rich media and campaign-specific promotional pages. However, the inhouse analytics team felt that their previous analytics implementation had gone stale.

Filling large shoes

Our global retail client needed to gain a better understanding of its comprehensive data lifecycle in order to maximize analytics investment and minimize data integrity issues within its consumer knowledge teams.

Data reconciliation: A tale of two platforms

Our global payment client needed to understand the differences between data and metrics delivered through a proprietary platform and Adobe Analytics for their mobile consumer app to improve accuracy, accessibility, and confidence in the data.

Bing it on: Combining disparate data sets

The global search engine needed access to its metrics without having to search for them. Pointmarc's Data Services team combined disparate data sets into a centralized data warehouse to enable access and visibility into the KPIs that drive marketing ROI.

Skype achieves 40% conversion lift

Using their existing tools—Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target—our client was looking to increase conversions and the overall user experience for their subscription funnel.

The data silo is dead

Our services work together to evolve your business by connecting data from disparate online/offline sources and activating its potential through analysis and optimization.

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