Establishing testing agility for leading cloud platform

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Pointmarc developed a testing prioritization model across more than 50 solutions and executed four to six tests per month—significantly increasing engagement and conversions.

Client Objectives:

  • Client invested in testing tool, but had no strategic plan or processes in place
  • Develop better practices and alignment around their testing program
  • Needed greater agility and velocity with regard to test process and execution

Our Solution:

  • Developed strategic blueprint for testing program across 50+ solutions and products on the Cloud & Enterprise web property
  • Developed cross functional process to ensure accountability, clarity, and efficiency
  • Developed prioritization model and documentation
  • Led test ideation and initiated development of an optimization culture in the clients organization, soliciting test ideas and feedback across the team
  • Led coordination and execution of strategic and iterative testing, launching 4-6 tests per month on average
  • Delivered insightful analysis that significantly increased engagement and trial downloads, and helped inform future content strategy
  • Deployed and integrated the BlueKai data management platform, and established targeting strategy to serve relevant content to key audiences

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