A tale of two platforms

Data reconciliation project for online payment giant

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Our global payment client needed to understand the differences between data and metrics delivered through a proprietary platform and Adobe Analytics for their mobile consumer app to improve accuracy, accessibility, and confidence in the data.

Client Objectives: 

  • Discover whether variance between proprietary platform  and Adobe Analytics was within tolerance
  • Provide Data Integrity audit and make recommendation on platform migration

Our Approach: 

  • Reviewed data collection code within each instrumentation
  • Extracted all event-level data from data warehouse and built data sandbox environment to run tests
  • Examined client's underlying logic and trending key dimensions
  • Reviewed physical and logical data accessibility
  • Investigating how solution design elements impacted downstream data warehouse reporting

The Results: 

  • Discovered key variable missing from both Adobe Analytics and proprietary platform that affected results
  • Found most key metrics landed within tolerance
  • Created blueprint for solving logic and access issues

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