Honest analytics for global cross-channel campaign

Assessing "Honestly" for Microsoft, Windows, Surface, and Windows Phone

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This global cross-channel marketing campaign needed a measurement framework and conversion methodology closely aligned to campaign objectives and defined across multiple media agencies.

Client Objectives:  

  • Assess effectiveness of Microsoft’s “Honestly” marketing campaign
  • Integrate data from Ecommerce site, Paid Search, Display, Email/CRM
  • Create cross-channel executive wrap-up that assessed campaign success across KPIs

Our Approach:

  • Developed measurement framework aligned to campaign objectives 
  • Applied framework consistently across all digital channels
  • Defined and managed conversion methodology across multiple media agencies, including “all-up” data governance
  • Integrated attitudinal and behavioral data to understand impact on sales and brand

The Results:

  • Delivered data-driven insights on consumer perception, landing page optimization (A/B tests), site pathing, and display advertising
  • Provided media mix and optimization recommendations without bias to channel, agency or publisher
  • Analyzed impact of marketing tactics on key customer segments

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